Как мы готовили рыбу по-мароккански // How we cooked Moroccan fish

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Рыба по-мароккански готовится относительно быстро и легко. Особенно когда  под рукой рецепт от Поваренка (откроется в новом окне), голодные люди и активная кошка, – помогают все! :)

There is a minimum of time and efforts involved to cook Moroccan fish. Especially when you have a good recipe, hungry people and hyperactive cat around – everyone’s helping! :)

Now since the original website with the recipe is in Russian language, here’s an approximate version in English (will open in a new tab), that is very close to the original one. Just not sure about ‘1 tablespoon chicken bouillon granules‘ – this part of ingredients is different from ours, but you might wanna try it anyways. Good luck and Bon appe!!





































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