“Comme Si…” фотосессия // “Comme Si…” photo session with GirlLifeinTenerife… Come, see! ;)















Photography: Irina Mia Marennikova, Olga Yu (Facebook; Estate agency)

Photo Editing: Irina Mia Marennikova (FacebookPortfolio)

Style & Clothes presented by: Comme Si 

Makeup: Irina Saskevich (Salon Xenia)

Hair: Evgenia Kuptsova (Salon Xenia)


2 thoughts on ““Comme Si…” фотосессия // “Comme Si…” photo session with GirlLifeinTenerife… Come, see! ;)

  1. Dear Ladies,
    Frist of all, i just want to thank you all for this beautiful experience we have shared together.
    We have put all the positif energy to make that happend.
    And also to say that the two brillant ladies who are behind “Girllife in Tenerife” are great personalities, and full of kindness. I will recommand to everyone to meet theses ladies if you have the chance to cross their road, you won’t be disappointed at all but you will win certainly nice and beautiful moments together like i had.
    They represent by they talent, opend-minded, joyfull, understanding and a taste for adventure. the spirit of “Girllife of Tenerife” you will love them.
    Thank you Mia, Olga for all this and like i said before,,hope that all canarians and others will open their doors to you for any kind of experience you want to expose, live and show to everyone.
    See you and tnanks for All
    Raphael Comme SI.
    I hope t

    1. Dear Raphael,
      it’s been truly great experience from knowing you to working with you, Thank you for such kind words, – we are really pleased and wishing you the very best of luck!!! Have a nice weekend dear friend xx

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