TransGranCanaria experience, part 2: morning stroll in Las Palmas in search of food!

They say that your body keeps ‘working out’ and burning calories for 12h ish after a big, heavy exercise (such as running, for instance), so you can imagine the scale of hunger we had after completing 30 and 60k when we woke up the next day!. Sadly, almost everything was closed on Sunday morning in Las Palmas around 7am (how surprising.. lol), so Panaria was the only one – and tasty! – choice. On the way there we walked down some really beautiful streets and corners, and were lucky to see the sunrise, city awakening and the most beautiful light that makes you believe in magic :) iPhone doesn’t do its justice but you can still see how beautiful and peaceful it was:

Gran Canaria, oldtown, old spanish architecture

old street, spanish style, spain

him, edu acaso, love

blossoming tree, sewer hatch, from where i stand, feet

gran canaria, las palmas, early morning stroll

panaria, morning light, man reading newspaper

light reflections

street perspective, las palmas early morning


empty morning streets

On the way to Museum de Columbus – the house where Christopher Columbus has lived for a while :)

plaza, museum of Columbus, casa de Chrostopher Columbus in Gran Canaria

That’s the house! On the right hand side with greenish front entrance

money begger

Acts of kindness.. and money exchange :)


old vs new, street

street perspectives, lines

tree, plaza, town square

Nice little square

cafe, morning light, outdoors, cafe exterior

..and cafe nearby. That light !!

on the road

On the way to catch a lunch and ferry to Tenerife)

stormy clouds, dramatic skies

driving, talking, being hamdsome, mi chavalote

cloud formations, beautiful nature, landscape, white houses, mountain village

I mean.. just look at this beauty!. <3

rain drops

On the ferry before leaving Agaete

birds in the sky, storm sky

In fact it looked scarier than it really was :)

stormy ocean, waves, lighthouse

San Andres, Tenerife, from the ferry, through the glass window

Hello, rainy Tenerife! We made it through the storm :)

terrace, rainy days

Good to be home.. even though it’s raining outside

cozy nights, cats, black cats, sleepy heads

Cozy snuggles with the lil ones <3

morning sunshine, blonde, blue sky, after storm, sleepy face

And Good morning! The sun is back with its warmth & blue skies! And somebody needs a comb and coffee…hehe :)

Rather than associations with the race, Gran Canaria for me is in these few moments that were captured on the way to catch the ferry from Agaete back to Tenerife. When you finally can relax and enjoy the world around you; when you look forward to coming back home; when you are happy about one more small achievement (small for everyone else maybe, but big for you) and already start planning next goals! x

TransGranCanaria experience: arrival to the island, our apartment, race day. Part 1

As promised, here’s a report about Mia’s little trip to Gran Canaria with her boyfriend to participate in #Transgrancanaria (website) trail run, 24th February 2018. Here’s the first part!

sunrise, armas, harbour, port, dramatic sky

Early morning departure.. The sunrise and dramatic skies

rain, storm, on boat, water leaks

The beginning of adventures: rain & storm between Tenerife and Gran Canaria

green tea, plastic cup, on ferry

Arriving to Gran Canaria..

Gran Canaria street, Agaete, street life, lifestyle

‘Picturesque’ Agaete :)

Expomeloneras, Transgrancanaria, finish, la meta

ExpoMeloneras center to pick up the bibs

Maspalomas, dunes, sand dunes

After we’ve picked up our bags with bibs and some goodies, we went to see the famous dunes of Maspalomas… Was windy and grey but still very beautiful! <3

Then we’ve arrived to our fantastic apartment in the old town, found through Airbnb:

… Sorted out gels, bottles of water, snacks, bibs, devices… etc

…Next day was a bit fast-forward / blurry but we both made it to the finish line, Mia 30km and her boyfriend 64km. So much emotions and memories!!!.. <3

runners, couple, couple goals

5am before being separated and picked up by the buses – transportation option available at registration. Beware though that THERE ARE NO WARDROBES OPTION, so unless somebody is backing you up with the clothes, you have no place to store them anywhere when races start!! That was a big disappointment actually..

finish, la meta, medal, rewards, massage, trailzone, expomeloneras

After finish, you’re eligible for a free massage (and limitless beers..hehe) – don’t neglect it cause it can help to recover much quicker!! I’m talking about massage of course not beers, and what did ya think?!. ))

runner, tired, injured, transgrancanaria, edu acaso, trail runner, salomon

During the race..

collage, running, trail runner, runner girl, race, TGC, TGC18

We started when it was dark and FREEZING, but in the end, closer to the finish line in Maspalomas, the sun started shining with no mercy.. It was really hot.

Next: The morning after the race, crawling wandering in Las Palmas before leaving Gran Canaria during big storm…