Masca hiking. Up & down, same day – big post and lotsa pics with videos

At last got some free time to organise, edit, upload and describe photos from the recent (Monday 18th Feb) Masca trekking! I know that some of you might have done it already, – some even a couple of times! – but for me it was a first time experience that was a part of training for #Transgrancanaria2018 where I’ll be running 30k’ and my boyfriend – 64 km race… (we’re both freaking out but that’s another story.. hehe)

The route: from Masca village down to the Playa de Masca, small break and back up to the Masca village. More or less accurate trail was uploaded on Wikiloc (click here to view details or see below):

But first things first: we’ve started with coffees and ‘motivation’ (which was a donut!) after driving in the rain from Santa Cruz to Santiago del Teide and then to Masca.

coffee, canarias, tenerife, rain, дождь на Тенерифе, канарский кофе

teide in snow, nieve, tenerife

Teide covered with snow, but sadly couldn’t be seen properly as it was too cloudy that day

santiago del teide, valley in the mountains

A bit blurry (due to the driving) image of Santiago del Teide valley

tenerife, almond trees, blossoming almond

Almond trees in full blossom

rainbow in masca, радуга, arco iris, Тенерифе

And here we are – Masca has heartily welcomed us with a rainbow :)

masca, tenerife, знак, ресторан в Маске на Тенерифе, sign

yellow flowers, windscreen, flowers on windscreen, цветы за стеклом

Masca village, pueblito en las montañas, hillside village, houses on slope, morning light, glow, beautiful cliffs

Houses are literally built on a slope as there’s hardly any flat surfaces in the village

Masca gorge, ravine, cliffs, Tenerife, la Gomera, Гомера, остров, ущелье Маска

Another shot of this popular view.. :)

happy, smiles, couple, love, tourists, hikers, hippie tourists

And the ‘tourists’ :)

masca village, barranco de masca, tenerife, тенерифе, маска

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

doggie, stray dog, cute, ginger, рыжая собака, бездомыш, симпатичный пес, тату

Sad lil doggy as ginger as a carrot!!

Sidewalk flower, tiny, цветок на дороге, маленький цветок

Beauty around (and beneath) us

collage, dog, cafe with the view, кафе в Маске, кафе с видом на океан

The ginger stray dog and local cafeteria with The View

cafeteria en Masca, Tenerife, touristic place, for tourists, multilingual, кафе в деревне Маска, Тенерифе, для туристов

For all tastes & nationalities

empty cafe, morning light, light through the window, wooden chairs, wooden cafe furniture, кафе в горах, ресторан, Тенерифе, Маска

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

almond flowers, almond trees in blossom, beautiful nature, Tenerife almond trees, цветущий миндаль на Тенерифе, цветы миндаля, миндальное дерево

These blossoming almond trees (and their guardian bees) are everywhere thanks to rain and sunshine that are typical for the place in winter.

house in Masca village, casita en barranco de Masca, Tenerife, rustic house Tenerife, деревенский пейзаж, Тенерифе, Маска

Processed with VSCO with h2 preset

Masca cliffs, Masca hiking, Tenerife hiking, Teneriffa

Cliffs, cliffs, cliffs whichever direction you turn your head..

rocks in Masca, rocas de Masca

Green and dark, bald and thriving, beautiful and scary..

masca trekking start, empezamos aqui

Starting point of trekking

collage, masca ravine, gorge, barranco, Teneriffa, dry tree, ущелье Маски

cane, cañazo, камыш, тростник, ветви тростника, Masca cane bushes

If you see these cane bushes – be sure there’s a water spiring nearby!!

en el barranco, hiking, Masca trekking, camino, tourist attraction, Masca, Tenerife, Маска, Тенерифе, горное ущелье

After two hours finally blue sky and a sight of the ocean.. Hallelujah!

sun glare, morning light, breaking through, cliff, rock, Playa de Masca

Down on the Playa de Masca

Atlantic ocean, Атлантика, остров Ла Гомера, La Gomera island from Tenerife

…the ocean never looked so good and inviting ;)

calmness, calm waves, tide coming up, ocean, deep blue, tranquility


volcanic sand, feet in the ocean, feeling good, good for feet, wet rocks, вулканический песок, ноги в океане, коллаж

Water feels goooood on tired feet

big splash, wave, jumping into waves, cold ocean, brave, morning swim, Edu Acaso

…And if you’re brave enough to jump into cold ocean, you’ll be rewarded with the best feeling ever, as if you could  fly! =)

Los Gigantes, playa de Masca, in between hiking, cliffs of Los Gigantes, Tenerife cliffs

Remember you don’t have to do both ways up and down, instead you can just hire a boat that will bring you to the marine of Los Gigantes (might need to check or book beforehand though!)

lovely cat, stray cat, cat on the beach

On the way back when leaving la playa, you’ll get a small furry blessing =)

almond tree, миндальное дерево, цветущий миндаль

Another almond tree in a full blossom but unfortunately out of focus (sorry)

Masca, Tenerife, Teneriffa, cliffs of Masca, barranco de Masca, Masca trekking, down in the gorge, natural pool

Above.. and underneath <3

cliffs, tourist, big cliffs, in the mountains, down in Masca, Tenerife cliffs, турист, ущелье Маска, треккинг на Тенерифе, масштаб гор, горное ущелье

Hey hey) By Edu Acaso <3

After we’ve finally managed to get back where we started, it was really nice to go and spend an evening/night in a hotel close to Masca! We’ve booked ‘La Casona del Patio’ in advance to avoid long driving back home after what felt like a week of hiking, – and it was definitely a smart decision!

La Casona del Patio, hotel, almond tree, отель Сантьяго дель Тейде, Касона дель Патио

Hotel ‘La Casona del Patio’ from the parking

path to hotel entrance, hotel Santiago del Teide, hotel la Casona del Patio

Hotel entrance

hotel, backyard, patio, внутренний дворик


tea ceremony, чайная церемония, ceremonia del té, la Casona del Patio, Santiago del Teide

A free one-hour tea ceremony is held daily from 6pm to 7pm for the hotel guests

hotel toiletries, туалетные принадлежности в отеле


selfie, bathroom selfie, blondie, smilling, thumbs up, happy

..and a toilet selfie)

welcome cava, welcome drinks at hotel, cava, welcome card, bienvenido, blue lights, tree with blue lights, blue tree, in the night, голубое дерево, ночное небо

Was pleased to have a welcome drink and card in the room…(Gracias!!). Image on the right: a tree with blue lights that looked like a crazy night sky!. <3

view from the hotel room, hotel in Santiago del Teide, Tenerife, mountain hotel, forest hotel

Morning view from our room – isn’t it beautiful?!.

hotel breakfast, buffet, la Casona del Patio, hotel interior, завтрак в отеле

And a quick brekkie before heading back home!

Next post: Carnival in Santa Cruz with some random, a bit psychedelic pics ;)

Ridiculous Umbrella // Нелепый Зонтик


Ничто не возникает из ниоткуда и просто так. Это “нечто” всё же кто-то создал своими мыслями, образами, и словами. “Съёмка сорвалась, но если есть желание, мы можем поехать просто на пляж, так вдвоём .”- читаю сообщение от Мии.  Значит так надо, подумала я и ответила -” Жду”. Быстро собралась, по дороге захватили вина для разгона грусть-тоски, и вот мы уже располагаемся на берегу океана, чтобы наслаждаться закатом. Заговорили о погоде, день был пасмурный и даже днём был дождик, такое явление это редкость ранней осенью на юге острова. А я показала свой зонтик , который прихватила с собой “на всякий случай”. Миа, увидев его, сразу предложила сфотографировать меня с ним. Быстро сделали несколько кадров…

Nothing comes from nowhere and without a reason. There must be Somebody who creates it with Its’ own thoughts, visual images or words. ‘The shoot has been postponed to another day but let’s just go to the beach anyway since we’re ready?’ – reading text from Mia. So be it I thought and replied: “Looking forward”. Just before leaving, I decided to bring along a funny pink umbrella as it was a bit rainy that day… We bought some wine on the way to the beach, and as soon as I showed Mia my umbrella, she took her camera and snapped a few shots just for fun…

Миа показала мне то, что получилось и тут я замерла -“Дежавю”-, на фотографии я увидела свою картину, которую написала четыре года тому назад в подарок своей подруге ( с которой оборвалась наша дружба…недавно и внезапно). Картину я назвала “Нелепый зонтик”. Почему нелепый? Потому что я никогда не любила этот оттенок розового, его любила моя подруга. Прошло четыре года и вдруг, совершенно случайно ( мы не планировали, не подбирали одежду), я становлюсь “героиней” сюжета своей картины и эту фотокартину от Мии.

Mia showed me the cam’s display, and I’ve instantly felt paralysed, shocked: ” Déjà vu “, I thought as soon as I saw on the camera display my own painting from 4 years ago, that I’ve created for my friend. I called that painting ‘Ridiculous umbrella’. Why ridiculous? I never liked that hue of pink color, but my friend liked it so I made it for her. Four years passed and suddenly, without planning it, I became my own painting’s subject, created by Mia.

Оригинальная картина 4 года назад: // The original painting from 4 years ago:

Результат после некоторых манипуляций в фотошопе: // The result after a few retouches in Photoshop:

И оригинальное фото до обработки: // And the original photo before editing:

Я в восторге! Всё в этой жизни возвращается. Бумеранг существует.  Всё вращается по спирали… прошлое частенько просачивается в настоящее и в будущее… Вот как это объяснить?!

I absolutely loved it! Everything in this life has a reason: what goes around, comes around. The boomerang exists. Everything moves by a spiral, with the past stepping into your presence or future, and it happens quite often if only you give it a thought… But how can to explain that?!


Continuing the El Poris series. Aqua. / В продолжении серии Эль Порис. Вода.


Blanket / Одеяло


Reflection / Отражение


Standing on water / Стоя на воде


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Layers of sheer / Прозрачные слои


Boarding line / Граница


Ladybirds / Божьи коровки


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