Day of Love

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Don’t like calling it ‘St. Valentine’s’ because the modern idea of this day, with all those candies, flowers, chocolates, balloons etc, is completely wrong different from a real story of one poor guy called Valentine and his unhappy destiny, just because he helped people who were in love, to tie the knot against some stupid law that prohibited the latter.

Today is the day of Love, – to a lover, to a friend, parent, pet, whoever comes into your mind and makes your heart melt / beat faster, or puts a smile onto your face. Those who make your life worthwhile. Who can heal you (or kill you!) by sharing it with you… So let’s celebrate Love and be grateful for what we have today and who we are surrounded by, and don’t forget to say how much you love them, – today you simply must do it, no excuses.

Love to you all ♥

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Summer inside out!

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Garcia Sanabria

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Mirador San Pedro, part 2 (last one)

Couple of weeks ago we’ve published the first part of my trip to the Mirador San Pedro – and here’s, finally!, – the last part. Beautiful, somewhat mysterious and a bit abandoned place with so many different plants, colours, views, small hidden corners and overall it’s quite unique in its’ ennobled wildness. Coming back from it makes you feel super calm, serene & happy, in some way ;)

Несколько недель назад мы опубликовали первую часть поездки на север острова в местечко под названием “Мирадор Сан Педро”, – и вот, наконец-то!, – вторая и последняя часть фотографий. Красивое, немного мистическое полузаброшенное место с большим количеством разнообразных растений, красок, видов и спрятанных уголков. Когда возвращаешься оттуда, чувствуешь себя хорошо, спокойно и как-то умиротворенно :)

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Mirador San Pedro, Tenerife North

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