For the love of hiking

Another FUNtastic day spent hiking with my love and taking snapshots on iPhone (all photos presented here), walking around 14 km with the crazy altitude between 0 and 1 km above sea level… Ah, why can’t we do it all day every day?! :)

The itinerary: left car at/ started walking from Playa Benijo – El Draguillo – Punta Baja de las Palmas to Roque de Dentro (Roques de Anaga, Las Brenas) and all the way back with a short but very much needed pause at the beach with some coffee & munchies that we prepared beforehand. Again, when it’s too hot everywhere in the world (except Russia only, perhaps?!)), head to the North and stay cool ;)

Started here

beach, rocks, Benijo, playa, Tenerife north, waves

See the little piece of rock on the top right corner? THat’s our rock that we’ve walked to!

road, mountain road

In the beginning you think it couldn’t be any easier than this..)

selfie, blonde, rocky road, view

..and we take lotsa pics

mountains, beach, playa, roques, Almaciga, Anaga, Taganana

Playa Benijo left behind as well as the feeling that it’s not gonna be too difficult (in fact it is not, Im just way unprepared / unexperienced with mountain walks…)

El Draguillo Tenerife, mountain life, house in mountains

Sort of middle of the way at El Draguillo village

El Draguillo, mountain village, горная деревушка, север Тенерифе

Literally few houses of El Draguillo village, and the road divides in two: one to Chamorga (see the post here), another one to our destination point at Roques de Anaga

view from above, ocean, Tenerife, high, высоко, страшно, scary dary

This is where I started shitting myself from heights the road gets higher, wilder and narrower with breathtaking views down at the coast and the ocean’s distant roar…

Roques de Anaga, Punta baja de las Palmas

Btw, we were super lucky with the lighting conditions and weather: windy and cloudy, perfect for a hard walk!

hiker, walker, mountains, sporty, fit, blonde, smile, thumbs up

OK, this was an almost Fake Thumbs-Up moment, lol (I felt like i was gonna die any minute from a heart attack, if too lucky…)

hard walk, tired, still happy, pain, no pain no gain

More real one

man, beard, dog, happy, smiley dog, hipster, handsome, Love him, legs, Salomon, #timetoplay

We are always lucky with the friends along the way :)

donkey, doggy, man, local people, authentic, smiley, friendly

Apathetic donkey Perico, very friendly local Francisco, scary but super friendly doggy Husan and the love of my life Eduardovski :)

Roque de Dentro, high tide, waves, Atlantic, ocean, wildness

His majesty Roque de Dentro :) Beautiful and lonely, we’ll have to get back there to walk in a low tide to discover him better!

picture of taking picture, rock, cliff, bushes, man, ocean, nature, thank you mother nature

One of the last pictures on the way back. Surprisingly, it was much faster and less scarier :)

Thank you, mother Nature, we’ll be back! =)

Emily Evans and & Yoga Vibe Tenerife

A small photo session we did with beautiful Emily Evans for her @YogaVibeTenerife (Instagram: ) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife… Enjoy the good vibes! ;)

Небольшая фотосессия с красивой Эмили Эванс для ее “Йога Вайб Тенерифе” (ссылка на фейсбук: и на Инстаграм: в Санта Крусе де Тенерифе… Надеюсь, нам удалось передать мягкую, расслабляющую атмосферу съемки! ;)

light through tree leaves

Very soft, nice light that we were so lucky to have during almost the whole session! // Очень мягкий, приятный свет, который нам так посчастливилось иметь практически во время всей фотосессии!

lanterns on a trees, фонари на деревьях, decor details, lovely exterior

But coffee’s first! We’ve started off at the Strasse cafe in Paque Garcia Sanabria with its lovely decor touches like plants’ stand at the entrance and lanterns on trees! Feels like fairy tale there in evening time :) // Но сначала кофе! мы начали с кафе Strasse в парке Гарсия Санабрия с милым декором и такими деталями как стойка цветов в горшочках при входе и вот такие фонари на деревьях! Вечером там просто сказочно.. ;)

You can find out more about this place in one of our earlier posts here //  Вы можете узнать больше об этом месте в одном из наших ранних постов здесь.

The cutest yoga teacher ever :) // Самый милый учитель йоги :)

bamboo trees, path, walk, contemplating, meditative, green, yoga vibes

This parque is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful & inspiring places in the whole Santa Cruz de Tenerife, imo // Этот парк, наверное, один из самых красивых и вдохновляющих мест на всем острове Тенерифе!


yoga santa cruz

yoga tenerife

yoga canaries

palmtree, leaves in a palm tree, light through palm leaves

One of the most nice & easy going sessions <3 // Одна из самых легких и приятных фотосессий <3

Till soon! =) // До встречи! =)